Road to Clarity

Doing different things at the same time – is threatening.  If a single “click” while blowing a flick would make no use of other fingers, if a “snap” of shot while discarding a scrap would make no turn to take a nap, how come a text – several clicks, several snaps, would make no to? […]

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The Difference a Dice Will Make

The game of dice is now military’s turn. First roll … the gunshot has blasted, breaking the peace amidst the milieu. Second roll … the fire has blazed hungrily, synchronizing the explosions of houses and buildings. Third roll … the death has come; lives have been sacrificed – soldiers, foes, and innocents. It’s heart-wrenching though, […]

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A War For Peace

Power has ruined the true justice for peace. TERRORISM: Islamic Rebels attacked Davao City, the homeland province of President Rodrigo Duterte last September 2. To attain peace is to be with justice. To be with justice is to have a right power. But how can we live with peace if justice is with a wrong […]

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Atom is a unit of matter. It’s just a small thing. Just a little piece of something. Sometimes it just vibrates, moves, or even remains at one place. But always take note: Atom is limitless. President Rodrigo Duterte unveiled that he has a “surprise gift” which supposed to hold a package of benefits such as financial boost. […]

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COMMUNISM: A TYPE OF PHL GOVERNMENT? “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus,” Galatians 3:28 says. A classless society – where no one is higher than the other not lower than the previous one. A nonpartisan […]



Something perceives the complication. Yet, it still believes on the wrong medication. This is ignorance. Death penalty, the capital punishment, seems to be revived by the current administration, for the continuity of its drug war processes. Government’s rule envisages that this bill is to curb and lessen the heinous crime and especially its drug-dealing problems […]

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