An equal, an ally

If two same ties could secure a diverged knot, if two common hearts could mend a broken past, is it impossible for two identical personas strengthen a dying alliance?

President Rodrigo Duterte, known for his harsh rhetoric and does-not-want-to-be a follower and gullible on United States President Barack Obama, claimed himself now as a “small molecule” compared to US president-elect Donald Trump.

What seems to be the reason of this paradox – twists and turns of the firebrand president is his “goal.”

First, he does not want a hindrance on his main goal – the war on drugs. Outgoing President Obama once criticized and contradicted President Duterte’s most important task throughout his term. A short-tempered chief was humiliated by another chief?

It would definitely result in a curse.

Second, he does not want to be controlled by other beliefs. He, of course, is the president. A bold and brave one. That’s why he pursues an independent foreign policy which could make him in self-leading of his nation.

Third, but he wants to be a soldier – a man together with his fellows in an army. Trump, just like President Duterte, is decisive, strong-willed, and even likes to swear and curse.

“Trump will be more focused on America and its domestic scenes rather than having to deal with other countries,” said Richard Heydarian, political analyst. Also, reports stated that Trump is pleased on his war on drugs. Hence, there is no much tension of President Duterte’s drug war – which he really likes.

It is clear that President Duterte’s respect is for those who truly respect him as a leader of war-on-drugs and as the president of the Philippines.

          He is fair for the one who is also fair enough with him. An equal, an ally.


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