EJK: A Tale of Horror

To attain justice is to forfeit crime. To forfeit crime is to live with the truth. But how can we live with truth if justice itself is the crime?

            President Rodrigo Duterte has implemented an all-out-war on drugs. Right after he signed his Oath of Office, the operation in suppressing crime especially against drugs has started.

            Reports stated that more than 3,800 drug pushers and users who resisted arrest have been killed. Statistics revealed that every day, 10 people who are parts of an illegal drug trade are gunned down each day. This operation may be a good thing to reduce criminality if not eliminated. But come to think that those dead bodies can still change their lives. Why not let criminals accommodate the prisons and rehabilitations our country has?

            As Commission on Human Rights (CHR) together with other groups noted, criminals deserve a second chance to make their lives better. They have presented one of the rights of a person – the right to live.

            However, those who support President Duterte’s agenda believe that because of his all-out-war on drugs, crime rate in the Philippines has lowered. This is the real change.

            Yes this could be the real change, the one which could leave blood on our streets. Based on Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB), there are around 1.8 million drug profiles nationwide. More than a million lives could be wasted because of this war.

            JUSTICE. Everyone hopes for that. Everybody dreams of a good life. But because of the injustice of killings, those would remain dreams. As Eleanor Roosevelt quoted, “Justice cannot be for one side alone. But most be for both.” Real justice is fair.

            But clearly, the promise of war on drugs is unfair and deceiving. The purpose is escapist. Its impact is to disconnect one from reality – to alleviate one of misery, to numb us to torment, dull the edges of a merciless condition.

            It is palliative.

            It is a horror that makes us frightened, makes us anticipate the worse.


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