Swing with a Careful Move

Swinging too much may bump us into someone. One who may befriend us. Deceive us. But how can we swing back again, if our ropes already formed a knot with another?

            International Relations: Philippines, under the power of the firebrand President Rodrigo Duterte, forming warm ties with its greatest rival of territory – China, and edifices an ally with Russia. However, his tough-talks built sour relationships with other countries and cooling down ties after announcing a “separation” with its strongest and only military ally – United States.

            Nevertheless, what it seems to be the problem here, is not “really” the tongue of the president, but rather the ideological face of his strategy.

            “President Duterte’s stance could be a ‘strategic recalibration,’ in the sense that the previous administration was swinging too much to the U.S. camp,” said Geopolitical analyst Richard Heydarian.

            If he pursues independent foreign policy, the first venture into the realm of international relations, and especially a separation from U.S., would the economic side of this strategy survive?

             Around 200 million dollars are given by the U.S. as aid in Philippines. And a U.S. envoy reminded that 43% of our OFW remittances come from them. Also, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industries took the sour relations with Philippines to U.S. as a threat.

            Even so, politics and business are definitely different from each other. Still, the said relationship with U.S. would affect our economy from all angles.

             U.S. Government can impose extravagant banking and transmit fees on the remittances of the Filipinos living in their country and limit the amount they can send to the Philippines.

            These are mediocrities on all fronts.

            Swinging too much may let our ropes hit another, and form a knot with it. Trying to cut it would cause us to stumble forward and trip.

            So, it’s better to swing with a careful move.


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