Stop Sleeping, Rise and Climb!

Striking the ebony and ivory keys of a piano creates a music. Nurtures a melody. But what if the music that was believed as a great harmony is not “really” a melody?

Implementation of K-12 basic education program is for educational progress and nation’s global competitiveness. It’s already been 5 years, but still, Philippines has low academic rate and is being left behind by other countries.

To solve this, standard quality education should be more focused by President Rodrigo Duterte administration instead of many far-flung sub-implementation.

How? Simply, through internalizing macro-economic perspective: “The higher literacy rate, the greater the chances of economic development.”

Blue-collar mentality, business purposes, and computer aged skills are the top three most needed skill jobs here in the Philippines. It would be better if subjective fields related to the hiring job’s skills will be focused throughout the 13 years of K-12 preparedness for professionalism.

This is not about a boon for a more competent country to other’s academic performance. It is about individual success to attain the real national economic progress.

Like striking the piano keys to compete for a through-composed form. Imitating others’ on how to play it would just result for the same, or sometimes, worse composition.

It is time for Philippines to awaken its fingers for a more enhanced practice learning and deeper understanding of notes. It is time for own’s great melody.


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