Twilight is such a deception.

The one who deceives – controls the soft-glowing light. The one who was deceived is ruined by its own light.

Senior citizens are national treasures. They cohere the heritage of the values toted from the very start. Philippine culture is still known despite of decades of summons. And even traditions are preserved because of them.

However, it seems that the traditional view has turned upside down.

Baby boomers – Filipinos ages between 53 and 71 years old this year suffer on such aging dilemma. Studies say they become less productive and more dependent on support on others. This might be a bane for economy, from diminution of workforce and declining of overall productivity.

The one who’s responsible for dawn is slowly suffering from the twilight.

What to do when losing such a national treasure? 

Clarita Carlos, University of the Philippines political science professor had responded to this issue. She proposed the global trends on raising retirement age from 60 to 65 years old to let the aging population be guided with advances in medicine, better nutrition, better health care, better education and overall well-being of society.

In contrast with this alternative solution, arguments piled up that this proposal might greatly affect the labor age equilibrium.

“You want over 60 to work longer while young graduates can’t find a job? These is the current dilemma of some European countries. There the retirement age is already 65 and some want it set to 67 or even 70. On the other hand over 50 can’t find jobs,” battled by an HTM profile from Disqus.

The labor age equilibrium may be considered but that doesn’t mean that the proposal must be neglected.

Take it from Iceland, the country with the highest employment rate of 82.2 % worldwide. Half of older Icelanders are still working. They can retire at 67 but public sectors are authorized to retire at 65.

Elders being active are truly valued on labor market. They are even allowed to study at Iceland’s universities. Four hundred seventy-five people between 65 and 74 are currently enrolled at the University of Iceland – 3% of university’s population.

Hence, there is no a risky bane for youth’s occupation at all.

To balance with this perspective: Instead of raising the retirement age to 65, it is crucial to consider to adjust the limit of the worker’s age to be allowed to work. With these, both will be beneficial: it is up to them to work for more years (productivity), yet they can still decide if they want to just linger the rest of their lives on some matter when they stepped on 60 years old (enjoyment).

People’s productivity should be valued. They deserve a proper attention especially when they are experiencing their twilight years.

Twilight is such a deception. But we can turn the view upside down, so the one who was deceived can enjoy his own light, and the one who had deceived would realize the true beauty of twilight.


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