Something perceives the complication. Yet, it still believes on the wrong medication. This is ignorance.

Death penalty, the capital punishment, seems to be revived by the current administration, for the continuity of its drug war processes. Government’s rule envisages that this bill is to curb and lessen the heinous crime and especially its drug-dealing problems nationwide.

However, the capital punishment is definitely a crime deterrent.

It sanctions the death rows of innocents. Approximate of 2000 Filipinos are being killed without the supervision of judicial process. Police operations’ shoot-to-kill-if-risky. is currently on the green light, failures on innocence already prevail. What if death penalty’s yellow light would turn into green too?


To deter the culture of death and savagery on this nation, there are alternatives rather than brutality and murder. Solutions are only within two words – stringency and transparency.

Stringent Judiciary System: Improved judiciary through implementing more police laws, would strengthen the slow-slim current system. It would be better if more restricted policies will be enacted. Human rights are not violated.

Advocation of Transparency: Advertisements and other propaganda should be implemented to showcase the gruesome and strenuous conditions of law-violators and criminals in Bilibid prisons and other jails. This could be efficient with the support of education heads and public program personnel.

Stringency and transparency are the opposite of ignorance.

Ignoring the fact: “Death penalty for consistent battle of lessening crime is inverted view,” is dangerous.


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