Atom is a unit of matter. It’s just a small thing. Just a little piece of something. Sometimes it just vibrates, moves, or even remains at one place. But always take note: Atom is limitless.

President Rodrigo Duterte unveiled that he has a “surprise gift” which supposed to hold a package of benefits such as financial boost.

Some of the great news: Associated Labor Unions-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (ALU-TUCP) has lodged an emergency ₱500 monthly cash subsidy for workers whose daily pay rate is below ₱393 (2015 Government Standard) which is a daily need by a family of five to survive.
The government also proposed for lowering or eliminating the taxes coming from the minimum and below wage-earners.
Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) hosted 54 job and business fairs which offered more than 200, 000 jobs.

Today is Labor Day. Couples of promises have been vowed to workers. Employees who presently yearn for simple life. A comfortable one. One that may be called “making meet ends.” However, with current situation – rallies throughout the country, do the Philippine Government come up with a “real” labor development?

Increasing salaries, lowering taxes – are not just boons for labor development. Government should see what the citizens are fighting for.

JOB SECURITY: End the ENDO. Contractualization, despite of having a part of growth in economy “when creating jobs temporarily, it will help crater the economic status of the country;”  and a factor for staffing flexibility for companies “when providing temporary work, the best step the workers would do to offer the required flexibility while meeting their own needs as well” … has still consequences. There are issues on benefits and training. How about Filipino workers? If they had lose a job when the contractualization ends, would it be easy for them to find another suitable job?

Definitely not.

EMPLOYMENT EQUILIBRIUM.  Social Weather Stations survey revealed adult joblessness dropped into 22.9% as of March 2017. Many activists told the media that it is not true to be considered. Government should do some sorts of job agenda to satisfy several workers nationwide.

Just like an atom. Atom is limitless. Solutions has no limitations. The government should hear what its workers are voicing out for.


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