Margaux “Mocha” Justiniano Uson: Duterte’s trustee


Believing, sometimes, is threatening.

It is like drinking a beer. At first, it may be somehow pleasing. For second, it may be comforting. For third, so on and so forth, it is threatening.

Once an earner of bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology, to solo singer-dancer, to sex-guru, until to become a board member of Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), and now a Philippine Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) secretary  — Margaux “Mocha” Justiniano Uson has earned President Rodrigo Duterte’s trust.

The trend issue is that the President himself appointed Mocha to a higher position which is a board member of MTRCB to PCOO secretary. Despite of her sexist past, and -in-experienced political skills, he truly believes that she is “bright and articulate” and “a bit sexier than the others.”

Obviously, the chief’s avid supporters are also believing that Mocha deserves the high position. To receive a monthly gross salary of at least ₱106,454, plus allowances and bonuses is big enough. But for them, it is not the “big deal” but instead the “foreseen success” on Mocha’s new position.

Accept it or not, Mocha is really qualified enough when she became MTRCB board member. Yet the document’s qualifications now for being PCOO secretary may cohere with her, but here is the common sense.

 “Believing wholeheartedly, without basing on facts” is indeed alarming.

During Bawal ang Pasaway television show with host Prof. Solita “Mareng Winnie” Monsod, Mocha had admitted that she had shared a misleading information.

“9.6B ang tax evasion case ng Mighty Corp at ayon sa Article 263 ng Constitution pag sinettle nila ngayon yan hanggang 10x ang babayaran nila and that is 96 Billion. PAMPANGA WAREHOUSE palang yan,” from a post on Mocha’s blog.

On her erratum followed post: “In a previous post, I posted Article 263 of PH constitution. It is Section 263 of the Tax Code. However, unlike some VP I know, there was no intent to mislead the people and this was just an honest mistake. Thank you for understanding. And thank you to the DDS who defended my mistake,” from Mocha’s blog. (DDS means Digong Duterte ang Solusyon)

“Thank you to the DDS who defended my mistake” is not acceptable nor justifiable. Defending someone’s mistakes is a proof of a one-sided and no-deep deliberation on the argument itself.

Morever, Mocha was suspended on her commentary program on the radio station DZRH for being complained from her malicious remarks against Vice President Leni Robredo.

It seems that her loyalty to President is an award to be a PCOO secretary. But it is also important to voice out that political groups must not be a great factor for her when she sits on her new position.

PCOO is an agency responsible for administering state-run media outfits and government new agencies to assert the proper and effective dissemination of official messages in accordance with the Communications Plan.

Being a secretary means having an intended effectual on disseminating credible messages. Mocha is willingly to develop the occurrence on social media and the interactions with the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW).

Mocha’s blog, MOCHA USON BLOG in Facebook has 5,056,181 likers and 4,963,728 followers. Popular enough to be called “influential” to Filipinos. Disseminating “credible” information is a great deal for her.

Unfortunately, the appointment has no objection, but just an acceptance. Yet, a mere objection is really important.

Because at the first place, drinking a beer is a palatable one. Sometimes, it would blind others on its aroma.

But always voice out to let the drunken minds waken to realize the real threat.


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