A War For Peace

Power has ruined the true justice for peace.

TERRORISM: Islamic Rebels attacked Davao City, the homeland province of President Rodrigo Duterte last September 2.

To attain peace is to be with justice. To be with justice is to have a right power. But how can we live with peace if justice is with a wrong power?

According to Philippine National Police Chief Director General Ronald Dela Rosa, 14 people were killed and 71 were wounded because of the bomb attack in Roxas Night Trade Market in Davao City. This evoked President Duterte to proclaim an all-out-war against the terrorists because of his anger that they destructed some part of his home town and his fellowmen. But come to think that a war against the terrorists would devastate more lives. Philippines has not enough weapons and number of troops to fight with armed rebels.

However, some oppossitionists took this as an opportunity to stop the contradicting issues between the government and the rebels. This is the only key for the long-awaited peace.

Yes, this could be the only key. A key for a worse bloodshed on our streets. Power to power battle would only meant nothing for peace. Are we willing to risk our lives just for the sake of his anger? Preparedness should be considered before the eagerness to battle.

The real peace is through embracing justice with a right power.


3 thoughts on “A War For Peace

  1. Peace on the motherland cannot be attained if we are not willing to wage a war against the system that stops it. No civilization in history attained everlasting peace without waging a revolution—to change the social order that sows anarchy and destruction.

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