The Difference a Dice Will Make

The game of dice is now military’s turn.

First roll … the gunshot has blasted, breaking the peace amidst the milieu. Second roll … the fire has blazed hungrily, synchronizing the explosions of houses and buildings. Third roll … the death has come; lives have been sacrificed – soldiers, foes, and innocents.

It’s heart-wrenching though, but the fourth roll, when handed by the right one, would reverse this fate.

Even from the gruesome past regime, in this case of invasion or solely rebellion, the public devours for its survival–and this was happened to be addressed with “Martial Law.”

ARGUMENT: The deliberation is still playing on the grounds. Supreme Court reviews and exchanges talks of various constitutionally exercises and arguments on President Rodrigo Duterte’s proclamation of Martial law against the Maute Group destructing Marawi City since May 23.

When everything happens to be on the edge of massacres and genocides, the armed of the nation must take over when public safety requires it – this is the purpose of martial law. For rebellion and invasion (incursion of an army for conquest or plunder), martial rule is a necessity.

But not surprisingly, in a democratic and social media activist country, contradicting opinions started to pile up.

“It was a planned terrorist offensive which is akin to an imminent danger of rebellion … and not actual rebellion, which is one of the requirements of the martial law,” opposed by a memorandum led by Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman.

Another, Anders Corr, a political writer, once doubted that the implementation might turn into power abuse not just for protection. President Duterte already claimed that “this” will not be different from gruesome former President Marcos’ martial rule.

When life was dictated with only one roll of the dice, fear and doubt will always come.

Yet, there’s nothing to be afraid of. This dice is a “different” one. Here’s the rationale needed to be considered:

First, Marcos’ Martial law is entirely different from President Duterte’s. The 1935 Constitution before removed the authority of SC to review the declaration. But on the 1987 Constitution, it is free to go beyond deeper through all angles of the declaration, and even to decide whether to lift it or to stay as it is. Also, the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus is only suspended to ones judicially charged with rebellion, unlike before, where everyone is at stake.

Second, terrorism can be a form of rebellion. Rebellion is a resistance, terrorism is violence against civilians. Two different principles, but are always connected. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) inspired local rebel groups have taken arms opposed to the Philippine government. Based on Office of Solicitor General (OSG), Maute Group, or Islamic State of Lanao, has banded with other three radical terrorist groups: Abu Sayyaf, Maguid, and Bangsamoro Islamic Free Fighters – which all of are undertaking rebellious activities in parts of Mindanao.

Third, martial law swoops better fight than lawlessness. Proclamation no. 55, the state of emergency, state of lawlessness was then proclaimed by President Duterte before. Many people take this as a remedy rather than Martial law in fighting Maute terrorists on Marawi City. But Martial law upholds stringer jurisdictions, and allows the overall rule of militants, thus letting the power at extent on fighting the foes.

Fourth, even in other nation, when war comes, martial law is really important. During the civil war, after the fall of Fort Sumter Lincoln on United States, martial law was used to maintain the order of Union forces. Just like in Philippines, armed forces are the natural resources of our country to fight against the war.

Fifth, reports stated – it is already claimed that 90% of the Marawi siege is now under control. The military and police intelligence has leveled up their strategies to attain that percentage. A month has passed by, the government lost 69 of its men to save their fellowmen synchronous to the death of 26 civilians. And 280 notoriously suspected terrorists from violent clashes have been killed.

Five hundred fellows are still trapped on the burden city, craving for what should their dices come up. When dying is staying inside with hunger, when dying is getting outside with monster.

The government is doing its best, the military is carefully exerting its force to roll the dice – which dictates the hundreds of blood and lives.

Here’s the rationale needed to be known: rolling a dice would always come up with results, whether 1, 2 … or 6, always remember, that the power of the results would always be with the trust on the one’s taking that turn.

This dice is a different one – one that will make a difference from loosening packs of forces, to greater ones defeating the foes of the nation.


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