Road to Clarity

Doing different things at the same time – is threatening.

 If a single “click” while blowing a flick would make no use of other fingers, if a “snap” of shot while discarding a scrap would make no turn to take a nap, how come a text – several clicks, several snaps, would make no to?

             “The ones I love the most recently died in a car accident. My husband is waiting to turn left at a red light when suddenly someone hit their car. He died, not even survived in the hospital. His godson also died, my dear, Enzo, who was only 6 months and 15 days old,” tears are flowing as Megan cried out for justice.

The “someone” who hit the car was reported to be distracted, losing his control, texting while driving. It is just one of the 1.25 million stories who died from road crashes worldwide. Now a road is as much a threat as it was once a guide. Several stories are even worse. It is time for the Philippines to stop this kind of dreadful story.

            The revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the Anti-Distracted Driving Act have been implemented two days ago. It is also known as Republic Act 10913, once humiliated with bunches of complaints and confusions, now it was revised and provides clearer rules and regulations. It’s second chance though, since this is to minimize the road clashes nationwide. This is to prevent death from road accidents.

            Clearer guidelines, but there are still oppositions:

“If you are driving a funeral car on the way to a cemetery and you start using your cellphone, you will violate the law, no matter how slow you are driving.  Because the law says ‘distraction’ is using an electronic device while your vehicle is moving. That’s how ridiculous the law is,” criticized by Tony Lopez, a columnist of Manila Standard.

            That was a point. But there’s no more ridiculous in taking one’s life just because of a simple distraction.

            Of more than 15 000 laws enforced nationwide, this law is one of the most urging act for Filipino discipline.

            There were 109 322 road crash accidents in the National Capital Region last year, a 14.33% increase over 2015. And the first reason recorded, is the driver error. If the driver is speeding, driving over slippery roads, or “distracted,” he is losing of his control.  Philippine National Police Highway Patrol reported around 12 620 road deaths are caused by the driver error. Also, it was reported that 2 seconds taking off eyes from the road while driving, increases accident risk 24 times.

            With this, the Anti-Distracted Driving Act, dreadful stories will be prevented. In fact, 92 violators have been caught for the first 12 hours of implementation… this is a proof as a great start.

            For drivers, this is a law needed to sync in. For officials, this should not be an opportunity for abuse of power and corruption. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) video evidence and high definition cameras should always be available and maintained for the fair movement of both sides when lingering with this act.

            Doing different things at the same time – is threatening. In a split of second, when being distracted by two things could ruin the future ahead. Or even tear a hole in the heart of everyone who loves that someone.

            This second is a second chance … for the road to clarity.



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