Some wheels are used to spin and to turn to the direction someone expected to. But some wheels use their spinning function to turn someone unexpectedly.

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) will stop apprehending colorum Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVs) drivers until July 26. And as of July 19, it clarified that Grab Philippines and Uber were not actually suspended yet only those with provisional authority (PA) may operate despite on an ongoing online campaign: 72% of 56 000 TNVs will be considered as colorum: and only 15 440 vehicles are registered to continue to operate.

“Colorum” from its word itself is “color” and “rum.” It is a way of coloring a rum making a person drunk in happiness but in unpleasant way. It is illegal. It is a slang for illicit public transportation. So it is a “necessity” for an agency which has the responsibility for enforcing orders and monitoring transportation nationwide.

However, several citizens back lashed the order since they are doubting that there will be insufficient favorable cars for them.

“Now that there is a better service being offered tot he public, the LTFRB is now stopping it,” said Senator JV Ejercito.

While Senator Grace Poe contradicted her statements that LTFRB should defer its decision in disallowing new applications but regulation is still necessary thus traffic congestion will be prevented.

LTFRB’s actually regulation for avoiding overpopulated cars is to disallow new applications of TNVs exceeded to the limited amount of operator set by the agency.

If someone thinks that it is safe on TNVs, it is safer and more favorable if the government has the eyes to monitor the equilibrium. LTFRB considers the traffic congestion, legality, and safety.

“The operation of public utility vehicles without a certificate of public convenience or a certificate of convenience and public necessity is contrary to law,” stated on Administrative Order No. 212 under Sec. 15, Commonwealth Act 146.

The law will bring sacrifices and punishments. It is hard but it is the LAW.

When the government and its people have conflicts, there are big problems needed to be consulted. In this situation, there is a “personal imbalance.”

For LTFRB, though degrading and elimination colorums, it should have considered the competency and ineptitude of accredited papers. Uber was launched in 2014, and Grab was in 2013. Why do something years after? Knowing that from the very start, private companies must still be regulated by the government. For TNVs officials, operators, and drivers, why proceed to something that is illegal? This is  a big lesson for faults in all fronts.

Wheels will be turned and spinned, it is the reason why they’re made up for. But wheels should always be in right direction – legal paths.


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